Belle Glade Dinner Menu

Belle Glade C O U N T R Y C L U B pasta S H R I M P & S C A L L O P P U T TA N E S C A seared scallops, shrimp, linguine, olive blend, sundried tomatoes, spinach, garlic herb oil, white wine 19.90 S A U S AG E F L O R E N T I N E Italian sausage, mushrooms, spinach, marinara, linguine, parmesan 16.50 C A J U N C H I C K E N PA S TA creamy alfredo sauce, cajun seasoning, red bell pepper & sautéed spinach, grilled chicken, linguine 16.50 entrées F I L E T M I G N O N * 5oz center cut angus, garlic mash, broccoli 20.99 sauce choice: port wine veal-demi, demi glaze S L OW B R A I S E D L A M B S H A N K ( G F ) port wine veal-demi, garlic mash, seasonal vegetables 20.99 S E S A M E O R A N G E C H I C K E N lightly breaded chicken, scratch-made sesame orange glaze, seasoned rice, green onions, sesame seeds, seasonal vegetables 16.99 C L A S S I C M E AT L OA F garlic mash, sweet & tangy sauce, crisp onion straws, seasonal vegetables 15.99 B L AC K B E R R Y B A L S A M I C C H I C K E N ( G F ) oven roasted airline chicken breast, blackberry balsamic glaze, bleu cheese crumbles, rice, seasonal vegetables 17.99 P O R K D I A N E * lightly dusted and seared pork medallions, scratch-made diane sauce, garlic mash, seasonal vegetables 17.99 2.99 fries coleslaw garlic mashed potatoes seasoned rice roasted beets seasonal vegetables broccoli Available after 4pm: baked potato +1.00 loaded potato +2.00 sides M I X E D B E R R Y M A S C A R P O N E 7.5 C H O C O L AT E L O V I N ’ S P O O N 7.9 B R E A D P U D D I N G 6.9 S A LT E D C A R A M E L A P P L E P I E 6.9 desserts ( G F ) G L U T E N F R E E ( V ) V E G E TA R I A N S A L M O N B I G A R A D E * ( G F ) spiced orange glaze, seasoned rice, seasonal vegetables 18.99 PA R M E S A N PA N KO C O D Alaskan cod, pan seared, seasoned rice, seasonal vegetables, lemon reduction 18.99 S T U F F E D F L O U N D E R crab stuffed, lemon béchamel, seasoned rice, seasonal vegetables 19.99 F I S H & C H I P S beer battered crisp cod, traditional tartar, coleslaw, fries 16.99 seafood *We use nuts and nut based oils in our food. If you are allergic to nuts, or any other foods, please let your server know. Our food contains or may contain undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness. Photos for illustration purposes only. Autumn Miller G E N E R A L M A N AG E R